We hope you are as excited as we are. Hurricane Harvey impacted Mustang Island and the surrounding area more than anyone could have ever anticipated. It has been an uphill journey with days and weeks that seemed almost never ending. Owners, Contractors, employees and even volunteers all pulling together to rebuild the property we all know as the Premier Condo on Mustang Island. We will never forget the unbelievable support we received from all over Texas bringing water, supplies and most importantly… Hope.

21 months later, the doors are open, and we are able to take a moment and enjoy the fruits of our labor as we are now able to greet visitors wearing flip flops and toting beach towels instead of hard hats and hammers. However, the work is not over yet. There are still exterior repairs ongoing as well as interior renovations. We are excited about the improvements still to come to the Sandpiper Condominiums.

All of us at Sandpiper Condominiums are grateful for your support and your patience.


It’s always nice to know some great shops around Port Aransas to shop around at when it’s too hot for the beach. Our WAY program has many boutiques participating in our guest appreciation program. From ladies selections to sandcastle tools, our WAY program has you covered for all of your shopping desires while you’re in Port Aransas. Make sure you visit one of these shops as they help us appreciate you!






345 N. Alister / (361) 749-4733

Offers 10% off all non-sale items.


Saltgrass Boutique

1726 Hwy. 361 Ste “K” / (361) 749-1533

Offers 10% off all non-sale items.


Ragdoll Boutique

124 Avenue G / (361) 749-0930

Offers 20% off of one regularly priced item.


A Mano

1726 Hwy 361 / (361) 749-1828

Offers 10% off all non-sale items, except during promotional events.


The Hidden Wardrobe

345 N. Alister Ste. “F2” / (361) 332-6944

Offers 10% off all non-sale item.


JoD’s Etc.

345 E. Alister St. / (361) 749-2290

Offers 10% off total purchase.


Bow’s Beachware and Dessert Café

345 N. Alister St. / (903) 474-7444

Offers 15% off total purchases.


Raggdoll Boutique Too

14457 S.P.ID., North Padre Island / (361) 332-6944

Offers 20% off one regularly priced item.


Saltwater Gypsies

345 N. Alister St. Ste. I / (936) 443-6836

Offer 20% off total purchases.


Beach Ware and Souvenirs


Sirena Water Wear Outfitters

1700 State Hwy 361 / (361) 749-2782

Offers $5.00 off with every $40.00 purchase.



574 Access Road 1-A (behind Stripes convenient store) / (361) 749-9200

Offers free Beachmart Frisbee with any $10.00 purchase while supplies last.




Sandpiper Port Aransas Condos, www.sandpiperportaransas.com

Sandpiper Port Aransas Condos, www.sandpiperportaransas.com


Sandpiper Condominium’s is one of the most luxury resorts on the island and offers exceptional quality of vacationing to our guests. We know when you come to Port Aransas that food is on the mind whether it be seafood, Italian, fresh deli or burgers. At the Sandpiper we know that valuable suggestions of places to eat around Port Aransas and the surrounding area of North Padre Island is important to any inquiring guest. When you stay as a guest with us, we offer you what is called our “Way.” This program that we have in place with local businesses offers a discount or deal in appreciation of being our guests.


Below is a list of the restaurants on our WAY program and the deal they offer to our guests.


FINS Grill and Icehouse

420 W. Cotter / (361) 749-8646

10% off total bill excluding alcoholic beverages.


Beach and Station Street Grill

Beach St and Station St. / (361) 749-2303

10% off total bill excluding alcoholic beverages.




118 Beach Ave / (361) 749-BBQ1

10% off total bill excluding alcoholic beverages.


Miss K’s

1726 Hwy 361 / (361)749-7776

Offers 15 % off Menu items.



200 E. Cotter Ave. / (361)749-1540

Offers One Free Dessert with Meal.

Reservations Suggested.


Pizzeria Port “A”

407 E. Ave G / (361)749-5226

Offers $1.00 off Buffet.

10% off Oder on Carry Out or Delivery.


Mustang Island Food Company

315 W. Cotter / (361)749-0576

Offers Free Dessert with purchase of an Entrée and 2 sides or free dessert with every $20 spent.


Black Marlin Bar and Grill

Next Door to La Pamilla Gold Pro Shop

Beach Access Road 1 / (361)749-4653 Ext. 4

10% off total bill excluding alcoholic beverages.


Drop Anchor Bar and Grill

118 Cut Off Road / (361) 945-9595

10% off total bill excluding alcoholic beverages.


La Barataria

3500 Island Moorings Parkway / (361) 749-2212

Reservations Required.

Offers $20.00 Gift Certificate. One certificate per reservation. Available for pick up at the front desk.


Seafood and Spaghetti Works

710 State Hwy. 361 / (361) 749-5666

Offers 15% off total bill, dinner only or free non-alcoholic beverage with lunch.


The Brewery

429 Alister St. / (361) 749-2739

10% off total bill excluding alcoholic beverages.


Tarpon Bar and Grill

224 E. Cotter / (361) 749-1947

Offers free dessert with dinner entrée; excluding alcoholic beverages.


When you stay with us for your next summer vacation remember to use this WAY program. We developed this concept as a way to give back to our guests as they enjoy our lovely beach front resort in Port Aransas, Mustang Island-Texas.








Summer is Here!

Summer Solstice 2017

The Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere was on June 20th this year which means that the summer has officially begun! At the Sandpiper we are celebrating the start of summer and soaking up the Texas sun in luxury and style. The start of summer is so important to us because this is our time to help you experience the Gulf Coast of Port Aransas in the most comfortable fashion. Not only do our condos provide pristine advantages through out them, our views of the ocean are simply breathtaking too!

homepage slide 7

To help ensure your summer comfort, we’ve made it extremely easy to scroll through our condos and filter your needs according to your group. You can click here to take you to the home page of our website, where you can select and go through the condos. This helpful feature of our website comes in handy when choosing the one that suits you the best for your desired dates. Take the time to call as well! Our front desk and management are very knowledgeable about the property as well as the individual condos and are able to help you with any further questions that you may need.

What is the Summer Solstice?

What defines the summer solstice is not based on a calendar date but rather when the Sun reaches its northernmost point from the equator allowing it to be visible in the sky for a longer period of time. In other words, this day is usually the longest day of the year.

Photo from Time & Date

The summer solstice is also the first of the two solstices’ that occur every year. The other solstice is in December and is deemed the winter solstice. The winter solstice makes for the shortest day of the year.

One other fun fact about the sun…

Ocean Sunrise

Most people assume that in the summer the sun is closest to the earth but that is actually false. The seasons are not determined by the distance between the sun and the earth. The seasons are determined by the tilt of Earth’s rotational axis and the angle that the earth faces the sun during its rotation!

Read more about this here. https://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/facts-about-june-solstice.html

Sandpiper Condominiums (4)


The Sandpiper is a popular destination for most during the sunshine and warm weather of the summer season. What makes the Sandpiper a great place to stay is what we offer to our guests as they enjoy their summer vacations with us. From propane grills to beach towels, we will have you taken care of.

Staying at the Sandpiper has its perks! For the summer time sunshine we have you covered at the beach with canopies we set up for you and your family. To reserve one is $10.00 and this comes with chairs also. And leave the extra towels at home, the front desk has pool and beach towels available for you to pick up on your way out. Just remember to bring the sunscreen and beach toys!

If you and your company will be cooking out and grilling steaks or burgers, the sun deck has beautiful and new propane grills as well as charcoal grills in the pool area. The Sundeck is a perfect place to lounge in privacy or have an outdoor family meal. The chairs on the Sundeck are perfect for relaxing and reading a book and maybe taking a nice cat nap in the sun. The lobby has a pretty broad library where you can choose a book to your liking and replace it with another one, once you’re done.

For family night life, the front desk has a list of movies that are available for rent on the nights that you want to stay in and a few games to play in the lobby. In the mornings when you’re not ready to make coffee but ready to hit the beach, our Farmers Brother’s Coffee Machine is hot and waiting for you! We even have some hot chocolate available for the kiddos too.

These are just a few of the great things about staying with us at the Sandpiper! Don’t forget about our W.A.Y. program either!


Sandpiper guests enjoying the beach.

Fishing in Port Aransas

Fishing starts in the early hours and lasts until you want it to end. Fishing soothes the mind and gives you a chance to experience nature in a quiet fashion. For some, fishing is the party or the memory of the trip with good tales and usually heavy scales.  If you have never been fishing in Port Aransas, it is a great fishing location with plenty of species around as well as the best and friendliest guides around.

Where to fish??

There are plenty of places to fish around this town, including just off shore. If you’re lacking means of transportation on the water there are a few places to go to. Horace Caldwell Pier is one of them; which there is a fee per pole and per day. There are a few piers around town besides this one that you can go out and fish on all night as well.  Another option is the bulk head off of Charlie’s Pasture and at Robert’s Point Park. These locations are always neat to watch the porpoises and the ships cruise through the Lydia Ann Channel as you catch some fish and enjoy our little town of Port Aransas.

If you would rather fish on a boat, Port A has many options to choose from! There are charted fishing trips that will go either off shore or just out on the bay for several hours at a time and can take on a large group. Besides the charters, there are plenty of guides around town that will take you to their favorite spots and hook you up with quite possibly even more than just dinner. Most of the guides have been fishing for years and all around Port A so their knowledge of locations is usually successful and worth the money. Most guides will even clean and filet your fish, as well as vacuum pack them, which is extremely convenient while vacationing.

Port Aransas Deep Sea Fishing, off shore

Deep Sea Round up 2015 2nd Place Dorado


Tackle and Bait Supplies

Around town you can find tackle and bait supplies just about anywhere! Ace Hardware has some, along with Bilmore’s (another local hardware store) and most convenient stores also. There are several places to get bait and tackle on the marina as well as a few around town. Woody’s Sports Center has just about everything you need to fish along with local information about where to fish, who to fish with and they will even set you up with a great guide if that’s what you’d like.

Catch of the Day

The Fishing Experience

As a small child most of us learned how to fish. Possibly with a cane pole or a push button reel to start with! In this day and age, we seldom take time to sit down and take a break or even just enjoy the scenery. Most of us are tangled up with our busy lives and find it hard to make time to relax  in general. Relaxing is why you probably end up finding yourself at the Sandpiper to begin with!

Visiting the Texas coast is much more than just beach going and taking the time to go fishing while you’re down here. The best thing about fishing is that it will help pull you out of your busy life and let you worry only about what keeps stealing your bait!

Give your kids the experience of fishing and if you don’t have kids, take a friend that has never been fishing. Let your minds expand out of the world of technology and into the nature of fishing. There is nothing like a salty breeze and a first time feeling of a “fish on.”


Check out Woody’s Sport Center and find out some information about the options that you have while here in Port Aransas when it comes to fishing. 


Port Aransas Beach Vacations

Planning a trip at the Sandpiper to enjoy Port Aransas’ relaxing beaches is a fun way to enjoy your summer vacations with family or friends! We know that you love the beach and our luxury beach escape but there’s more than what meets the eye when you stay with us.

Fully Equipped Beach Front Condos:

There’s nothing worse than worrying about not forgetting the kitchen sink when you are preparing to travel away from home for a few days. We believe that vacationing should be relaxing and stress free so that’s why we packed for you! All of our rental condos are loaded with unique amenities that make you feel right at home. The kitchens are fully equipped with cooking ware, pans and pots as well as dining plates and utensils. We provide you with paper towels, coffee filters, dish soap and dish towels daily as well as exchange your linens and towels. Toiler paper is provided along with small toiletries in the bathrooms also.

Choosing Your Condo:

Every condos is unique in its’ own personal way so be sure when you are booking that you are in touch with the front desk or viewing the condos on the website. This will ensure that you know exactly what you should expect upon arrival! Our views are spectacular on both the north and south side of the building, offering views of the Gulf of Mexico on the patio and the Corpus Christi Bay on the walkways.


Follow Us on Social Media Accounts:

If you are on social media look for us and follow our pages. We offer local information as well as real time photos to so our guests know the beach conditions. You can find us by searching The Sandpiper Condominiums or our user name for most accounts is @SandpiperPortA.

Facebook & Instagram

Check in with us! We also have a review section on Facebook so you can rate and review your experience with us.


You can review and rate us onTrip Advisor, Google Business and Yelp.

The Sandpiper Condominiums is a great place to be during the summer. The sun is hot and the sand is too!


We have some great things to offer here at the Sandpiper during the summer as far as amenities go for the whole family. For the kids we have an awesome shuffle-board set up as well as a ping pong table too. The tennis courts are perfect for getting some exercise in as well as the basketball courts. It gets hot during the day but the mornings and evenings are perfect for this. We have also recently added a table shuffle board in the lobby for “cool” entertainment as well!


From Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend we have our beach crew on duty! This means that canopies will be set up and sold in the mornings for $10.00. This canopy is good for all day but must be rented and paid for each day of your stay. We have stocked up on these so don’t worry about not having one! Along with the canopies, we set up chairs for you also and with those chairs come some cool drinks too!

Sandpiper Fitness Center

Sandpiper Fitness Center


When you’re planning your summer vacations with us remember that we provide you with everything you need! Including towels for the pool and the beach, saving some room for beach toys to be packed! There is everything you need to cook with in the rooms and if anything is missing or you need something, just ask us at our 24 hour front desk.

Boardwalk to beach

Sandpiper Boardwalk

As far as booking goes, make sure you get your dates as soon as you can because everyone knows that Sandpiper is the place to be and we are booking up quickly!