Texas Sandfest 2017

Get dirty and play in the sand! That was the motto of this year’s Texas Sandfest. Every year this amazing contest is put on in the heart of Port Aransas! This even has been bringing people by the 1000’s from all over the country and world.

The weather was perfect all weekend and we enjoyed every sculpture. It’s incredible what these artists see in their imagination and make into these masterpieces of sand! There were a few things that we loved about this year’s Sandfest compared to the other past contests.

What we enjoyed most about Sandfest this year:

The first thing that was much more improved about Sandfest this year were the multiple places to stop and get some shade! The weather was hot on Saturday and even though we did have some cooler weather into Saturday night and all day Sunday, that sun was so intense! Bernie’s Beach House had a huge covered tent where everyone was welcome, including kids, to come and drink some cool refreshments as well as take a load off for a little while.

There were so many different vendors all around the grounds that you could purchase anything that would make your experience more comfortable as well as interesting things to take home! Every year there are vendors but the space to walk has been way more crowded in the past and we think this year they spread out the isle a little more, making it a much more comfortable experience overall.

The last part that we really enjoyed about Sandfest this year was that you bought your bracelet for $10 that covered you all weekend!

Texas Sandfest is such a huge hit in Port Aransas and with the many years to come we are looking forward to seeing how much this event changes. It’s important to remember that Texas Sandfest originally started with 2 mothers taking their kids to the beach to play in the sand build Sandcastles. We would say that Sandfest has grown into a huge event from that and we are excited to see what else is in store for years to come.

Take a look in 3D…and no, we aren’t talking about the latest IMAX movie! The Sandpiper Condominiums is proud to announce our updated use of 3D Virtual Tours for our online reservation system! These 3D scans take checking out pictures of our Port Aransas vacation rentals to a much more interactive and  “live” experience More hints. When checking out these 3D scans you are able to explore the contents of the particular condo just as if you yourself were walking through a particular beach front condo.

The 3D scans are comprised of HDR photography and 3D infrared scans. These things together can make  chairs pop out of the pictures, showing you the angles of the floor plans and justifying the space our condos have to offer. These new scans are the coolest thing on the market now and we hope that they help you choose your destination condo  more accurately to what you are looking for as well as  displaying  our lavish Port Aransas rental condos to the level that they deserve.

Click here to take you to the latest 3d tour that has just recently been uploaded!



You might have been to the property recently enough to see our latest remodel project of 2016, but if you haven’t check it out!

Old Boardwalk:                                                           New Ipe Boardwalk:

Sandpiper's old boardwalk, remodeled Spring 2016.

Sandpiper’s old boardwalk, remodeled Spring 2016.

Sandpiper's New Ipe Boardwalk, completed Feb 2016.

Sandpiper’s New Ipe Boardwalk, completed Feb 2016.





Sandpiper Port Aransas Condos, www.sandpiperportaransas.com

Sandpiper Port Aransas Condos, www.sandpiperportaransas.com

We have torn out our old boardwalk and replaced it with  smooth and and extremely sturdy Brazilian Walnut lumber that is commonly known as “ipe.” Ipe was also used on the New York  City’s Coney Island boardwalk which wasn’t in need of replacing for 25 years! An extremely impressive feat, considering the amount of traffic and environmental stresses placed on the wood throughout the years.


This wood is chosen for boardwalks and decking for the durability of product as well as its strength. Ipe has a fire rating the same as concrete and steel in which both have high melting points meaning that it resists flames much easier than softer woods. The reason for this strength and durability is due to the trees super thick density.  It’s so dense that it will not even float in water! Because this wood is incredibly dense, so strong and so durable, it has been deemed the “blade blunter” meaning that the wood will quickly dull and blunt most saw blades and other blades used for the cutting.


New Boardwalk



Not only is this wood great to use for the practicality of the durability, Ipe is absolutely beautiful and very velvety to the touch.


Sandpiper Port Aransas Condos, www.sandpiperportaransas.com

Sandpiper Port Aransas Condos, www.sandpiperportaransas.com



There has been a lot of hype all over media about the recent Red Tide that has affected most all of the Gulf Coast.

Last week was really bad! There were dead fish all over the beaches and with dead fish comes a terrible stink! Thankfully the Red Tide has subsided and the beaches are again enjoyable and back to normal.

We decided to write this blog about what Red Tide is and how it does affect the beaches and most importantly us! Knowledge is power and understanding what this unfortunate spectacle is will help our guests and readers better understand Red Tide.

Red Tide has been around forever and is a common microscopic algae, scientifically termed Karenia brevis or K. brevis. When these algea are found in high concentrations they are termed as blooms and can have the water appear to be red, light or dark green and even brown. This species of algae is a naturally occurring organism that is likely to always be present at low concentrations in the Gulf of Mexico. The blooms usually occur in late summer, or early fall and can last days, weeks and even months. These bloom locations are constantly changing due to the wind conditions.

These blooms produce a toxin called brevetoxin, which affects the central nervous system of animals. When this is ingested by the fish you will find them dead floating in the water or laid up on the beaches.

If you bring your pets to101311_fishkill_mustangisland beach, it’s important to literally keep them on a short leash and probably left at home. The dead fish on the beach could cause your furry friends respiratory issues and if consumed, a much worse ending.

As for us humans, Red Tide affects the respiratory system. Common symptoms are coughing, sneezing, and watery, itchy-burning eyes. Because this affects allergies, most over the counter anti-histamines will help treat these symptoms. Those who are easily bothered by allergies might want to avoid the beach during this time as to not disrupt their health.

One more thing about Red Tide is a concern of seafood consumption. The Brevetoxin is heat stable and not killed during the cooking process. The good news about shrimp and crabs (crustaceans) or shell fish, are not affected by the red tide. We would strongly advise not to eat any fish found dead or floating in the water!!!  Finfish that are caught live are safe to eat after being gutted and as for other seafood found in restaurants and grocery stores they are safe also.

If you love oysters, clams and mussels, it’s best to avoid these during red tide season as these lovely treats become very toxic!

All of the information about Red Tide was found at https://tpwd.texas.gov/landwater/water/environconcerns/hab/redtide/status.phtml

For current Red Tide Status Updates you can visit the above site at any time. They accurately and timely report any red tide sightings or finds.

We hope this information helps and we definitely assure you that the beaches in front of the Sandpiper are excellent, except for some seaweed. We’ll discuss that bloom in another post!!