Marlin Legacy Foundation

Supporting the Future of Port Aransas Educators and Students

Mission Statement: Our children are the foundation of our future. Marlin Legacy Foundation was established to provide direct support to PAISD teachers and staff essential in the growth and development of the next generation.

What is the Marlin Legacy Foundation?

The Marlin Legacy Foundation was formed to enhance funding in order to ensure the long-term success of students by providing a more fair income to our staff and educators. In short, we feel the best talent can provide a higher level of education supporting those students who attend our wonderful schools.

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Presently the PAISD sends 75% appx of its funds back to state for revenue recapture otherwise known as “Robin Hood”. In dollar terms the school loses approximately $20 million per year in funding that would otherwise be utilized to ensure the financial success of our district.

PAISD ranks 6th in the State of Texas for the percentage of funds that are recaptured by the state This is creating significant hurdles to the district’s ability to fairly fund the teachers and staff in PAISD. This is not a ranking that we are proud of in Port Aransas!

PAISD staff face stiff affordability issues when it comes to living in Port Aransas. Of our 99 dedicated educators and staff members only 2/3 of current staff are fortunate enough to live in Port Aransas. This has a significant impact on PAISD’s ability to attract top talent to educate our students. As the local educators retire, the number of staff that live outside of Port Aransas is likely to increase due to the high cost of living in town

Surrounding school districts that are less fortunate than Port Aransas on a property tax revenue basis are capable of paying educators/staff higher pay with an easier commute due to the fact that revenue recapture doesn’t apply to their districts.

Educators and staff members that are unable to live in Port Aransas face long commutes, and on average an additional $200/month in expenses associated with the commute. This $200 represents a significant hurdle to those currently working and those considering working in Port Aransas due to the pay that the district is presently able to budget.

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Who does the Marlin Legacy Foundation Support?

As a Non-Profit, 501C3, Texas Education Foundation, The Marlin Legacy Foundation can legally fund staff members and educators that are deemed to work in “non-essential” education capacities as defined by the state. Some examples of positions considered “non- essential” by the state are as follows.

  •  Librarians
  •  Nurses
  •  Gifted & Talented Teachers
  •  Campus Tech Coordinators
  •  Counselors
  •  Special Teachers (Art, Music, PE)
  •  Elective Teachers
  •  Foreign Languages
  •  Learning Labs
  • AP and Pre-AP Classes
  • Classes in Technology, Journalism, Debate, Statistics, Calculus, Biology II, Chemistry II, Creative Writing, Fine Arts
  • Band, Choir, Orchestra and Drama Programs
  • All Sports Programs
  • Janitors
  • Bus Drivers

Similar organizations exist throughout Texas such as The Eanes Education Foundation, The Alamo Heights Education Foundation, and The Carroll Education Foundation.