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Texas Sandfest 2017

Texas Sandfest 2017 Get dirty and play in the sand! That was the motto of this year’s Texas Sandfest. Every year this amazing contest is put on in the heart of Port Aransas! This even has been bringing people by the 1000’s from all over the country and world. The weather was perfect all weekend and we enjoyed every sculpture. It’s incredible what these artists see in their imagination and make into these masterpieces of sand! There were a few things that we loved about this year’s Sandfest compared to the other past contests. What we enjoyed most about Sandfest

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Take a look in 3D

Take a look in 3D…and no, we aren’t talking about the latest IMAX movie! The Sandpiper Condominiums is proud to announce our updated use of 3D Virtual Tours for our online reservation system! These 3D scans take checking out pictures of our Port Aransas vacation rentals to a much more interactive and  “live” experience More hints. When checking out these 3D scans you are able to explore the contents of the particular condo just as if you yourself were walking through a particular beach front condo. The 3D scans are comprised of HDR photography and 3D infrared scans. These things

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Ipe on the Boardwalk!

You might have been to the property recently enough to see our latest remodel project of 2016, but if you haven’t check it out! Old Boardwalk:                                                           New Ipe Boardwalk:         We have torn out our old boardwalk and replaced it with  smooth and and extremely sturdy Brazilian Walnut lumber that is commonly known as “ipe.” Ipe was also used on the New York  City’s Coney Island boardwalk which wasn’t in need of replacing for 25 years! An extremely impressive feat, considering the amount of traffic and environmental stresses placed on the wood throughout the years.   This

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Red Tide Awareness! Should you be concerned if you are coming down for vacation soon?

There has been a lot of hype all over media about the recent Red Tide that has affected most all of the Gulf Coast. Last week was really bad! There were dead fish all over the beaches and with dead fish comes a terrible stink! Thankfully the Red Tide has subsided and the beaches are again enjoyable and back to normal. We decided to write this blog about what Red Tide is and how it does affect the beaches and most importantly us! Knowledge is power and understanding what this unfortunate spectacle is will help our guests and readers better

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