Summer is Here!

Summer Solstice 2017

The Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere was on June 20th this year which means that the summer has officially begun! At the Sandpiper we are celebrating the start of summer and soaking up the Texas sun in luxury and style. The start of summer is so important to us because this is our time to help you experience the Gulf Coast of Port Aransas in the most comfortable fashion. Not only do our condos provide pristine advantages through out them, our views of the ocean are simply breathtaking too!

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To help ensure your summer comfort, we’ve made it extremely easy to scroll through our condos and filter your needs according to your group. You can click here to take you to the home page of our website, where you can select and go through the condos. This helpful feature of our website comes in handy when choosing the one that suits you the best for your desired dates. Take the time to call as well! Our front desk and management are very knowledgeable about the property as well as the individual condos and are able to help you with any further questions that you may need.

What is the Summer Solstice?

What defines the summer solstice is not based on a calendar date but rather when the Sun reaches its northernmost point from the equator allowing it to be visible in the sky for a longer period of time. In other words, this day is usually the longest day of the year.

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The summer solstice is also the first of the two solstices’ that occur every year. The other solstice is in December and is deemed the winter solstice. The winter solstice makes for the shortest day of the year.

One other fun fact about the sun…

Ocean Sunrise

Most people assume that in the summer the sun is closest to the earth but that is actually false. The seasons are not determined by the distance between the sun and the earth. The seasons are determined by the tilt of Earth’s rotational axis and the angle that the earth faces the sun during its rotation!

Read more about this here.

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The Sandpiper is a popular destination for most during the sunshine and warm weather of the summer season. What makes the Sandpiper a great place to stay is what we offer to our guests as they enjoy their summer vacations with us. From propane grills to beach towels, we will have you taken care of.

Staying at the Sandpiper has its perks! For the summer time sunshine we have you covered at the beach with canopies we set up for you and your family. To reserve one is $10.00 and this comes with chairs also. And leave the extra towels at home, the front desk has pool and beach towels available for you to pick up on your way out. Just remember to bring the sunscreen and beach toys!

If you and your company will be cooking out and grilling steaks or burgers, the sun deck has beautiful and new propane grills as well as charcoal grills in the pool area. The Sundeck is a perfect place to lounge in privacy or have an outdoor family meal. The chairs on the Sundeck are perfect for relaxing and reading a book and maybe taking a nice cat nap in the sun. The lobby has a pretty broad library where you can choose a book to your liking and replace it with another one, once you’re done.

For family night life, the front desk has a list of movies that are available for rent on the nights that you want to stay in and a few games to play in the lobby. In the mornings when you’re not ready to make coffee but ready to hit the beach, our Farmers Brother’s Coffee Machine is hot and waiting for you! We even have some hot chocolate available for the kiddos too.

These are just a few of the great things about staying with us at the Sandpiper! Don’t forget about our W.A.Y. program either!


Sandpiper guests enjoying the beach.