Valentine’s Day is the day that you get to treat your sweet with your love and thoughtful gifts. Valentine’s Day gifts are usually chocolates and flowers along with the occasional jewelry selection. But every now and then couples have a great idea to go and do things together and celebrate this holiday in a relaxing style. The best thing about Valentine’s day is that it’s all about loving and having fun! If you decide to come stay with us there are a few things here in Port Aransas that make it worth the trip.

Sea ShellFirst off, there is the obvious serenity of the ocean that soothes the soul and gets you feeling energized. Long walks on the beach, looking for shells or enjoying conversation is a fabulous way to share time with you partner and love the time you spend together. There is a dance in Port Aransas on Valentine’s day for those who are looking to boogie and if not, there are several wine stops to grab a nice bottle and head home. If you’re looking for a quiet evening after dinner you can come home to rent one of our broad selection of movie choices we have at the front desk. It’s always nice to have a relaxing evening with your love so why not bring them where love counts and memories matter! We would love for you and your Valentine to have a lovely memory of “that Valentine’s Day we went to the beach.”