Sandpiper Beach Boardwalk

January is full of different decisions Continued. Everyone wants to make a productive resolution that will full fill them for the rest of the year. The unique thing to which these resolutions come about is that they are all individually pleasing.

What some people fail to realize is that you have to actually make time to do these things.Things such as keeping a clean house, making time for YOU, exercising, whatever it is that makes you, you! Recognize that these actions full fill you and you personally, and that is what helps improve your well being.

It seems as simple as waking up earlier, making time for an energetic 10 minute work out, etc. But in reality, it takes effort to not press snooze!  When you’re planning things and lacking an outcome, realize it’s your motivation that will actually make the time to give yourself deserved YOU time. It’s kind of like a physical therapy exercise that you know will make you feel so much better in the long run, but meanwhile as you’re doing this exercise you are thinking of the millions of things that need to be done, ultimately feeling as if you don’t have time for this! Just remember that you do. You always have time for anything, but it needs to be a strong desire that helps with the follow through. When you really want to be relaxed, you are more likely to go on a short vacation or go get a massage, anything to please that annoying sensor going off. Sometimes our motivation to do things requiring a little hard work and taking time for you out of a busy schedule is often deterred so it’s important to remember it’s good for us in the long run.

Whatever your 2017 Resolution be, we hope that you stay motivated this year in following through with your grand ideas and plans. We also know that you deserve time for yourself too. Here at the Sandpiper we will go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable, satisfied and relaxed. Some people think vacations are a waste of money but money can’t buy the happiness you get when you enjoy a serene beach experience.