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Summer is Here!

Summer is Here! Summer Solstice 2017 The Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere was on June 20th this year which means that the summer has officially begun! At the Sandpiper we are celebrating the start of summer and soaking up the Texas sun in luxury and style. The start of summer is so important to us because this is our time to help you experience the Gulf Coast of Port Aransas in the most comfortable fashion. Not only do our condos provide pristine advantages through out them, our views of the ocean are simply breathtaking too! To help ensure your

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Sandpiper Summer Fun! What we offer our guests!!

  The Sandpiper is a popular destination for most during the sunshine and warm weather of the summer season. What makes the Sandpiper a great place to stay is what we offer to our guests as they enjoy their summer vacations with us. From propane grills to beach towels, we will have you taken care of. Staying at the Sandpiper has its perks! For the summer time sunshine we have you covered at the beach with canopies we set up for you and your family. To reserve one is $10.00 and this comes with chairs also. And leave the extra

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