Monthly Archives: March 2016

Spring Break in Port Aransas-The Family Way

Family Style Spring Break Port Arnasas Sandpiper guests enjoying the beach.   Spring Break down on this coast is widely known as a fun time for college kids, teenagers and families. The problem when trying to find a place suitable for your family is fear of being around too many youngsters while trying to enjoy more of a sober and safe experience. Goods news though, this can be done!   As a family traveling down to Port Aransas during Spring Break, it’s important to know the best “family friendly” areas.  The open beach is a target for teens, so avoiding

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Ipe on the Boardwalk!

You might have been to the property recently enough to see our latest remodel project of 2016, but if you haven’t check it out! Old Boardwalk:                                                           New Ipe Boardwalk:         We have torn out our old boardwalk and replaced it with  smooth and and extremely sturdy Brazilian Walnut lumber that is commonly known as “ipe.” Ipe was also used on the New York  City’s Coney Island boardwalk which wasn’t in need of replacing for 25 years! An extremely impressive feat, considering the amount of traffic and environmental stresses placed on the wood throughout the years.   This

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